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Advent Greetings from our Clergy & December 2017 Newsletter

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Over the next 4 Sundays we will celebrate the season of Advent. The word Advent means coming and so
the season of Advent has a theme of waiting and expectation. We are reminded of the first coming of Jesus
and we are also focused forward to the long awaited final coming of Christ. On that day God’s dominion
will break in on us and every aspect of creation, and truly God will be all in all.

As we await that return of Christ we pray that we will make room for the One for whom the inn was too
crowded. We also pray that we will be like Mary and carry Christ to others. Like Mary said “Yes” to
having Christ’s heart beat and grow within her, we are to invite His healing light to shine upon and heal the
dark areas of our individual lives, our nation and our world. As French theologian Pierre de Chardin wrote,
“The star (the light) for which the world is waiting…without being able to give it a name, or rightly
appreciate its true transcendence, or even recognize the most spiritual and divine of its rays, is necessarily,
Christ himself, in whom we hope. All we have to do is let the very heart of the earth beat within us.”

God speaks light within us just as God spoke the first light of creation. God, our beginning and or end, our
Alpha and Omega, will send again the Promised One to be a light to the nations, to bring peace to the earth
so God’s dominion will indeed break in on us and God will be all in all.

Until that day our prayer, as written by Miriam Therese Winter, might be:

O Ruler of nations, the desired of all, the cornerstone that unites—
Come and save the people you created out of clay.
Come love incarnate.
Come Lord Jesus.

Come again our Christ. Come dwell in each of us. Let your light so shine in us that you will be known to
all in our midst, and you will soon be all in all.

Blessings and peace,


St. Philip’s Advent Newsletter – 2017 (FINAL)

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